Consultation Service

BestFitCollege is available for hourly consultation services to provide information and advice about college applications, essay feedback, interview preparation, college visits and other college-related needs.

Comprehensive Plan

This option will take you from the beginning of the junior year through your admittance to college and beyond. It includes thorough analysis, including DoWhatYouAre career survey, to help you develop a well thought out college list. We then help you with college visits, interviewing, summer ideas and the entire application process. Students beginning as freshmen or sophomores are encouraged to start with hourly fees, then trade up to this package. Contact us for a typical meeting schedule.

Senior Application Plan

This service is available starting July before the senior year. It includes identifying a good set of colleges, and help with all aspects of the application process, including interview preparation.

For more information, as well as current prices, please contact us:

Kathryn Gillis (Seattle) 206-632-1350

Lisa Buchwalter (San Francisco Bay Area) 415-444-6349