Our Process and Services

Organization - This is Job One. The overwhelming stress of the admissions process can be simplified with the help of a customized, organized plan of attack. We'll provide your student with an individual plan, making sure nothing gets forgotten or left out.

Getting to Know You - We begin by talking with both students and parents, to get the big picture -- your hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses. We then conduct informal surveys using our proprietary BestFitCollege Match methods. In addition, your child will fill out the online DoWhatYouAre assessment, to give us an idea of strengths, weaknesses, interests, and how we can best work together.

College Selection - Believe it or not, this part is always surprising and encouraging. BestFitCollege combines the information gained in the College Match and DoWhatYouAre steps above with its knowledge about the admissions process and past applicants, to match students with schools where they will flourish and thrive.

Best Foot Forward - BestFitCollege helps students understand the way a college admissions officer thinks. We work with each student to discover and reinforce what makes him or her unique in the eyes of admissions officers and to make sure that you show that "special something" to colleges.

Resume Writing - Schools want to know more about you than your grade point and test scores. We'll help you write your first resume, which you can add to the rest of your life. This resume will be given to teachers who are preparing your recs, to interviewers, and will be helpful when filling out the actual applications. We'll also identify areas which may need to be beefed up.

Essay Writing - The writing of an effective college application essay goes far beyond simple structure and grammar. We'll ensure that you create memorable, powerful, essays that bring out the true you, and contribute to winning applications. We'll also give you a streamlined plan so that you can easily figure out which essays can be used for multiple applications.

Interviewing - Schools are relying less and less on interviews. We can help you know when an interview can help you, when it can actually hurt. We'll teach you interview techniques that ensure maximum impact for your schools of interest. Kathryn and Lisa both have years of interview experience, Kathryn at Princeton and Lisa at Columbia, resulting in BestFitCollege graduates who have polished, improved interview skills that will last well beyond college.

Recommendations - Colleges expect students to receive strong teacher recommendations. We'll work with you to decide who to ask, how to ask and what to ask for. BestFitCollege students impress admissions officers with standout letters of recommendation that enhance their overall application.

College Visits - We'll help you with the best way to test drive a college. You'll have a detailed checklist which will help you remember the standout attributes of each school, and help you compare them long after you return from your tours.

Services can be provided as follows:

Option I - Student and parents seek assistance with the entire college search & planning process. We provide Comprehensive Packages for the Junior and Senior years, as well as a Senior Package.

Option II - Student and parents seek services as they deem necessary and pay on an hourly basis.

Please contact us for rates.

Lisa: lisabuchwalter@gmail.com

Kathryn: kagillis@aol.com